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If you are having problems with your security system, or if you simply have questions regarding your home security alarm system, please contact us. Our customer support staff is here to help you with any issue concerning your home security alarm system. In addition, answers to frequently asked questions can be found on our FAQS sheet.

No AC  on keypad

This condition occurs when the panel is no longer receiving power from the transformer.

Check for a possible AC power outage.Check breakers.

Check the transformer, see if it may have been accidentally unplugged or look for any loose wires, make sure your AC wires are connected.

If the failure was not caused by the above conditions, please contact Premier Security Technical Support at 770-483-2308.

When an AC Power Failure occurs, the backup battery will take over (If fully charged, it may last for 18-24 hours or longer with no AC power) .

Low bat displayed on keypad

This condition occurs if the emergency backup battery has been drained. Trouble beeps will start and the low bat will be displayed on the keypad.

The battery is usually drained if panel is not receiving electricity. After AC power is restored the battery will recharge. The panel will report low battery during the recharging process. If the System Low Battery report does not clear after 24 hours have passed with AC power restored, contact Premier Security Technical Support at 770-483-2308.

Alarm displayed on keypad   (alarm 01,alarm 02, alarm 03, etc)

If an alarm has occurred it will remain in memory until cleared.  will illuminate.    If an alarm is in memory the panel will respond with the Sensor # Name Alarm. (Example: "Sensor 1 Front Door Alarm").

To clear alarms in memory. Enter your code and press off ( the # 1 button) Example: 1234 1 .

Not Ready displayed on keypad or just zone 01, 02,03 etc.

This condition occurs if a door or window is open, or a system sensor has been disturbed or tampered with and not reset properly. For example, a motion sensor may be off the wall or a protected door or window may have been left open. Your system will indicate this condition to you by causing the zone to be displayed on the keypad. If not displayed press the star key ( *) on the lower left of the keypad.The system responds with "Sensor number on the keypad" (Example: "01 , 02, 03, 04, or the zone name). This indicates that the sensor on that zone is open.

Make sure doors/windows are securely closed Try opening and shutting the door or window. Check to see if the Window or door magnet may have been removed from the sensor. Make sure both magnet and contact are still mounted If you have done the following and open zone still exists please contact Premier Security Technical Support at 770-483-2308.

Sensor Low Battery

This condition occurs if a system sensor has a low battery. The sensor may still be communicating with the Control Panel. Trouble beeps will start and the zone number will be displayed with (low bat 16, 17, 18, 19, etc.). Press the star button twice to see which sensor(s) have trouble. Sensor batteries can be replaced by the homeowner.Locate the sensor.Open the sensor.Replace the battery.

 If you need help or have any questions, please contact Premier Security Technical Support at 770-483-2308.

Fail-To Communicate or FC Displayed on keypad

This condition only occurs if your home security system tries to send a signal and cannot communicate with the central monitoring station.

Your system will try to communicate with the central monitoring station 8 times before it tells you there is a Fail To Communicate problem.

Trouble beeps will start and the FC will be displayed on your keypad.

Check to see if your phone lines are down.

If you have a dial tone then go to the main panel and verify that your phone lines are connected.

There should be a phone cord going out of your panel to the phone jack.

If you have changed you phone service to another provider they may have unhooked your alarm system from your phone line.

If the connections look like they are connected properly or if you need assistance, contact Premier Security Technical Support at 770-483-2308.